The Advantages & Disadvantages of Prefabricated Materials in Home Construction

Home Construction

House-Hard-HatA very interesting way of home construction is by using prefabricated materials. These materials are built off site by a manufacturer, then transported and assembled on a particular site. This type of houses referred to as modular or prefabricated offers buyers a variety of designs to choose from. It has become the popular remedy to the high cost of building a house.

The Pros are In Favor

Architects have increasingly found fabrication as the cheaper and faster solution in building apartments and hotels with multiple floors. Smart buyers investigate and do extensive research about prefabricated building construction and they found some advantages and disadvantages that these types of homes/buildings bring to those who have it. Try to consider them before you actually take the plunge!


Upfront Cost: Manufacturing of materials can be done ahead of time. You would be aware of the cost and required to pay in part while construction is ongoing and in full before it is completed. It’s up to you to find resources in advance like for example; getting a loan if you don’t have the cash. Your dealer can issue a mortgage just like banks that issue loans for houses built on site.

Quality Ensured
: A fabrication factory uses precision tools, which are a lot superior to those, used by workers on site. Using high quality tools results in quality finish and least tolerance. The factory workplace also provides adequate lighting and comfortable working condition for workers’ efficiency – resulting to quality products.

house1Lower Cost
: Inside the controlled climate condition of a fabrication factory, work is smooth without delays caused by outside forces like extreme weathers and shipment of raw materials and other supplies. Company inspectors speed up the work. Speed makes the cost lower as the longer it takes, the more expensive the construction becomes.

Energy efficient
: Factory-fabricated houses are energy efficient. They are free from gaps; they perfectly fit. That means less cost in indoor heating/cooling. There are also designs that feature transparent walls and windows to allow daylight trough certain parts of the house; therefore you can save on energy bill. Remember that these houses are built with high quality insulation to make them energy efficient and environment-friendly.


Limited customization:  A homeowner may want a personal touch in his new home. Prefabricated buyers must understand that the more customization they want, the higher the cost must be. If money is not an issue, well it’s up to you. But if it is, you have to choose from the manufacturer’s selection of designs or stock plans often with very little or no customization possible.

Transport Expenses: Sites where the prefabricated house must be transported vary in many aspects. The use of a truck to transport, crane, hydraulic jacks, and other helpful machineries may cause anywhere from about 5,000 dollars up depending on how difficult positioning is and how far the site is. container-house-2The transport expenses may clearly wipe out the savings offered by efficient fabrications.

Negative Reputation: Some people consider prefabricated home construction as low-income houses, manufactured by disreputable companies; that paint a negative image for the industry. Of course, that’s not true at all! You can find many reputable building construction companies like Alpha Builders Company – a leader in its own right!


Prefabricated home construction can be more affordable than traditionally built houses. The shorter time needed in the overall construction saves you money. Every unit is inspected thoroughly before being transported and assembled on a site. And, these houses are energy efficient. Would you consider a home built from fabricated materials?

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